Benefit Show

Please join us on November 30th at the Brighton Music Hall for ARC Side of the Moon benefit show for the Allston Food Pantry. Bill for the night includes ARC Side Of The Moon, Cropduster, Not To Touch the Earth, Matalon Buried Paul, and Keith Pierce. Show starts at 7pm and is all ages. Please bring non-perishable canned or dry goods to donate to the Allston Food Pantry!

Tree Pits

Allston Village Main Streets' Tree Pit Initiative involves replacing 56 tree pits in Allston Village with flexi-pave, a permeable pavement. This pavement, which is completely porous, will create a smooth walking surface, increase the accessibility of the sidewalks, and allow for healthy tree growth.

The tree pits, or tree surrounds, in Allston Village are currently without grates and filled with dirt or mulch. This create two issues: shortened sidewalks that are not easily accessible and compressed soil that damages the tree roots and creates a depressed pit that harbors trash and debris. Installing Flexi-Pave will allow for a sustainable, cost-effective, easily maintained alternative to tree grates. The smooth walking surface will create wider sidewalks, increased accessibility, and also enhance the aesthetic quality of the sidewalks in the business district.

Gateway Mural

Part of making Allston Village a great place to live, work, play, and own a business includes enriching our streets and community through the arts. Since 1996, AVMS has focused on bring public art to our streets and the Gateway Mural marks AVMS' largest public art project so far! Installed on the Western facing exterior of the four story Contal Building at 1211 Commonwealth Avenue, it depicts the B Line coming down Comm Ave surrounded by the famous neon lights of Allston. This project enhances the important gateway at Harvard Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue, while celebrating Allston's reputation as an artistic community.

A very big thank you to the mural artist, Gregg Bernstein, for creating yet another beautiful mural in Allston.

Thank you to Boston Main Streets Foundation and Contal Realty for their generous donations and for making this project possible!
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