Maintenance on Tree Surrounds Allows for Increased Pedestrian Mobility

Allston Village Main Streets' Tree Pit Initiative has replaced 56 tree pits in Allston Village with Flexi-Pave, a permeable pavement. This pavement, which is completely porous, has created a smooth walking surface, increased the accessibility of the sidewalks, and allowed for healthy tree growth. The tree pits, or tree surrounds, in Allston Village used to be filled with bare dirt without grates. This created two issues: shortened sidewalks that were not easily accessible and compressed soil that damaged the tree roots and created a depressed pit that harbors trash and debris. Installing Flexi-Pave allowed for a sustainable, cost-effective, easily maintained alternative to tree grates. The smooth walking surface created wider sidewalks, increased accessibility, and also enhanced the aesthetic quality of the sidewalks in the business district. Here are some pictures of the installation process!

Here is the finished product! These permeable pavers prevent packing down dirt and debris which would harm the tree, and allow for increased accessibility on the sidewalks. Thank you to Northeast Porous Paving for the installation!

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