About Allston

Allston is a young, diverse neighborhood filled with delicious restaurants, vibrant nightlife, inspiring artists and musicians, and a diverse array of residents and visitors. As Pat McGrath, owner of Looney Tunes Records says, "Clearly Allston is home to some of the planet’s most evolved human beings. There is a creative community here that is both vibrant and inspiring."

Allston MAP.JPG

The area we know today as Allston was given the name in 1868, when a new train station and post office in the then town of Brighton's eastern portion were given the name "Allston" after Washington Allston, the noted painter who had lived and worked across the Charles River in the Cambridgeport section of Cambridge. In 1874, Boston annexed Brighton, and Allston officially became a neighborhood in Boston. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Allston's community was based around the railroad depot and slaughterhouses that operated in the neighborhood. In the latter half of the 20th century and up to today, Allston has grown considerably due to the many universities in the surrounding area, the Massachusetts Turnpike having been constructed in 1965, and the proximity to Boston's city center. Allston has a population of over 29,000, with a vast majority renting. The student and young adult heavy population has created a artistic, musical, DIY vibe that helps public art, musical performances, and non-traditional businesses thrive.